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Improve Running Performance

Activate glutes, hamstrings & core
Power Taps on Step

Want to improve running performance and prevent injury?!

You need:

  • A strong posterior chain (fire up those glutes!!)

  • Core stability

  • Pelvic alignment

So what happens when you have tight, overactive hip flexors and weak glutes?!? Lots of muscle imbalances which increases your risk of injury!

  • Glutes are actually our primary muscles that help up run fast! They help propel us forward and give us power!

  • Core stability and strength is key for a solid foundation to help you maintain form and center of gravity while running which also helps decrease risk of injury!!!

Remember it’s all about connecting to the deep core muscles!!!

  • And if you STILL are getting aches and pains while running then you should check your pelvis alignment!

You need a well-functioning pelvis for efficient movement. Most injuries are caused by pelvis/hip dysfunction! Which is why I focus a lot of my training on hip mobility and strength!

If you’re looking to generate some speed and improve performances then start training your glutes, focusing on more core stability and enhancing your pelvis alignment!

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