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Recruit the Glutes

Why we need STRONG glutes:

•stabilizes our body through movement

•gives us power when walking or running

•improves pelvic floor function

•necessary for functional movements

•supports a strong posture

•powers hip extension

•drives internal and external rotation of the hip

We need to learn how to properly recruit all those glutes muscles so they fire efficiently!

When your glutes don’t fire properly it leads to muscle compensations (basically other muscles take over the movements) which can increase pain/injury in your knees, low back, hamstrings or quads!

My method focuses on isolating those glutes and being more aware of our pelvic positioning.

2 scenarios :

  1. If our glutes are tight or shortened we won’t be able to produce any power!

  2. If our glutes are lengthened and stretched out it will be hard to engage those muscles.

Both of these scenarios means your pelvis is out of alignment which will make it harder for you to activate those glutes properly.

So basically the things we need to focus on are:

  1. Proper engagement of glutes

  2. Pelvic alignment

During your warm-up try this glute activation exercise to maximize your workout.

When you establish that mind-body connection you will be able to recruit these muscles more effectively during more compound exercises and improve hip extension strength.

Plus when you follow proper recruitment patterns it will take pressure off your lower back from doing all the work!

  1. All you have to do is contract & squeeze your right side of your glutes.

  2. Slightly lift your right leg

  3. Keep your body in neutral alignment

  4. Do not arch your lower back

  5. Do not move your pelvis

  6. You should NOT feel this in your lower back!

  7. Repeat left side.

  8. Complete 10 controlled squeezes per side.

Note: if you’re feeling it in your low back and/or your hips are popping up bringing you out of alignment, then keep your legs on the ground and practice contracting & squeezing the glutes without lifting legs. Once you gain some strength and mobility then add a slight leg lift.

Remember: the key is to only feel it in your glutes!!

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