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Why Core Strength & Pelvic Floor Awareness is Essential

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Our body is an interconnected chain that needs to work and move together for optimal health, total functionality & enhanced strength!

How can improving our overall core strength help us?

• enhances our alignment

• connect to our adductors & pelvic floor

• improve our hip mobility

• alleviate pressure on our back

• improve our posture

• gain confidence

• improve digestion

• stronger connection to our body

• decrease risk of injury

• better balance and stability

• help our body to function better

Not only is core strength essential, but it’s also important to create awareness of our pelvic floor muscles!

The pelvic floor is just like any other muscle:

It’s just as important to increase your ability to relax those muscles of the pelvic floor, as it is to strengthen them

What helps us have a well-functioning core & pelvic floor??

• endurance + strength + relaxation

• overall alignment and good posture

• proper breathing mechanics

• core connection and balanced abdominal pressure

• strong glutes

• hip mobility

Are you a mom?!? It doesn‘t matter how many years postpartum you are —> you can still heal and strengthen your core & pelvic floor!

It’s important when working those abdominals to connect to your transverse abdominals and practice safe + effective exercises to decrease your risk of Diastasis Recti & pelvic floor dysfunction:

• Avoid any exercises that cone, dome or bulge your belly • Practice safe ways to get up and down off the floor

• Don’t strain your abdominals

• Decrease intra-abdominal pressure with proper breathing patterns.

My on-demand library of workouts focus on that core strength! Workout with me to move & feel your best!

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