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“Dieting” = Creating an unhealthy relationship with food

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Make eating healthy fun!

Have you been trying to lose weight?? Have you tried all the diet trends?? Do you just gain the weight right back?? Have you been yo-yo dieting for years??

Most diets fail.

Diets tend to label certain food groups as “good” or “bad”, causing you to deprive yourself, restrict too many calories & create an unhealthy relationship with food!

Diets make you deprive yourself.

Not consuming enough daily calories and cutting out the foods you love will backfire!

Making certain foods “off-limits” can lead

to excessive cravings, overeating or binging!

Do you find yourself getting out of control at night??

Most binging episodes tend to happen at the end of the day from the combination of depriving yourself all day, restricting certain food, plus not consuming enough calories.

Diets impede your daily living.

How can you live your life to the fullest if you are constantly micromanaging your daily food intake?

You will miss out on life if you’re constantly following restrictive food rules!

Dieting just fixes the problem temporarily, it’s not a long-term solution. Which is why people that diet typically gain the all weight back.

Diets create an unhealthy relationship with food.

Fixing your relationship with food won’t happen overnight, but by improving your relationship, you will begin to stress less and start to gain some freedom!

Diets make you feel bad about yourself.

Do you feel like you need to “work off” calories eaten? Do you obsess over what you eat? Do you look for validation when you want to eat certain foods?? Do you ever feel guilty after eating?

Two big steps that need to be taken are :

  1. Stop punishing yourself for what you eat!

  2. Stop looking for validation for the food choices you want to make!

This is not a healthy relationship with food and it’s not a way to live your life!

You don’t need to earn your food! Food is fuel. You are punishing your body when you say you need to “burn off the extra calories”

Start enjoying your food, instead of counting the calories.

8 steps to begin to create a healthier relationship with your food:

  1. Calm your mind, slow down and think about what you’re eating and why you’re eating it.

  2. Honor your appetite.

  3. Stop obsessing over every little bite of food you eat

  4. Stop labeling food as “good” & “bad

  5. Food isn’t suppose to fulfil you emotionally. Tap into your emotions and figure out what’s causing you to eat emotionally. Learn new ways to cope with your feelings.

  6. Trust and listen to your body

  7. Acknowledge that food nourishes your body and gives you energy!

  8. Go back to basics of eating, you don’t need to over-complicate it.

Learn to welcome all foods into your lifestyle.

Intuitive eating encourages natural weight loss, a positive mindset and long-term results!

  1. No quick fixes or diets that don’t last.

  2. It is sustainable and long-term.

  3. You will be happier and have a healthier relationship with your body.

  4. You will enjoy your food, with no regrets.

When you learn to eat intuitively, the best part is that there is NO diet needed in the future!

•Eat the foods you love •Eat when you’re hungry

•Practice mindful eating

•Prepare filling snacks & meals

•Stop eating when you’re comfortably full

•Connect to how foods make you feel

Have you been trying to eat intuitively and you haven’t been seeing the results you want??

  1. Patience is number 1!! Remember this is for long-term, lifelong results.

  2. Think about how you feel! once you start feeling better and improving that healthy relationship with food you will start to see positive changes.

  3. Lose the scale!!! Numbers don’t define you!

  4. You have a history of dieting and calorie restriction which can put your body into survival mode, slowing down your metabolism and making it a little more challenging to see that weight loss.

  5. Genetics can play a huge role.

  6. We are suppose to be all different shapes and sizes! That’s what makes us unique. You may be healthy at the weight you are at!

  7. Are you eating enough food?? When you restrict too many calories it can cause weight gain— it‘s your body’s way of protecting itself by making you fight off starvation mode.

  8. Think positive!!!

The key factors in long-term sustainable weight loss:

  1. Intuitive eating

  2. Everyday physical activity

  3. Sleep

  4. Drinking water

  5. Consistency with exercise

  6. Decrease stress

  7. Get outside

  8. Listen to your body’s cues

  9. Learn what makes your body feel good

  10. Learn how to balance your life to help you feel in control

Important: Your mindset can reflect on your kids- set your kids up to have a healthy relationship with food too. Watch what words you use in front of your kids, be a positive role model and set good examples!

*Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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