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Goal Getters

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

It’s always good to have short-term and long-terms goals.

Goals can be fitness, nutrition or lifestyle oriented. They can be family goals, personal goals, team goals, relationship goals or even friend goals.

Goals can help align your focus, jumpstart improved habits & enhance your time management.

You want to be able to measure your progress, maintain your motivation & make yourself accountable for your own actions.

It’s all about mindset and staying on track!

Here are some tips that I use to help my clients stay on tract with their goals:

1. Make them POSITIVE goals. Focus on what you can add into your life NOT take away.

2. Speak KINDLY to yourself.

3. No negative self-talk.

4. Create a plan that you know you will be CONSISTENT with.

5. Make attainable short-term goals that go along with the long-term goal. 6. Create POSITIVE SELF-TALK PHRASES to say to yourself AND repeat them often.

7. You need to have SELF-CONFIDENCE! increased ambition, increased effort, improved concentration + positivity.

8. Have a SUPPORT SYSTEM- family and friends that will cheer you on.

9. Take the negatively out of your life.

10. BELIEVE in yourself. It will have a strong influence on your actions.

11. Remember that TIME + EFFORT = COMMITMENT

12. It’s all about that LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! Is your goal sustainable??

13. Baby steps!! Small steps + short-term goals. Create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly + yearly goals.

14. ENJOY THE PROCESS ! If you’re not enjoying yourself along the way...then find a new path to get to where you want to be

15. Always remember your “WHY”! Your “why” is your driving force, it gives your integrity & it should be true to your core values.

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