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Fire up the Glutes & Core

Do your hips feel tight or painful??

Do you have pelvic floor discomfort??

Do you have low back pain??

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it means you need more strength!

Your glutes, core & pelvis work together to build that strength + stability to feel our best:

▪️maintain stability in your hips, knees & spine

▪️help alleviate those common pre/postnatal discomforts

▪️improve your posture

▪️enhance healthy pelvic floor function

▪️improve hip mobility

▪️increase deep core strength

▪️keep that booty lifted

▪️Help prevent back pain

▪️Maintain muscle definition

▪Quicker postpartum recovery

A lot of daily activities can cause discomfort and pain in your hips & pelvic floor. Each person has they own unique reason. But some common triggers are:

1. sitting most of your day

2. holding tension

3. Diastasis Recti

4. constant clenching

5. stress —> which can cause you to bear down and create tension on your pelvic floor and core

6. standing for long periods of time (especially when pregnant)

7. lack of stabilization

8. your changing pre/postnatal body

It’s all about becoming more aware of your body and connecting to your muscles.

With efficient exercises you will see and feel that improvement!

Really fire up those glutes & deep core with mini loop bands:

1. increase that strength & stability

2. enhance hip and glute activation

3. rehabilitate muscles

4. inexpensive and easy to transport

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