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Positive Pregnant Body Image

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

When you are pregnant you are in the primeof your life and you are growing a beautiful baby. Our bodies are suppose to change, our bodies are suppose to get a little rounder and a little softer, our bellies will grow and so will our hips.

This is a time to love your body, not criticize it. It’s almost magical. You are growing a human being inside of you.

Use this time in your life as empowerment. Just because you are pregnant does not set you back, it does not deprive you of who you are and it most definitely doesn’t define YOU!

Don’t lose yourself as you start your adventure through pregnancy and motherhood, where you will be also figuring out your new body. Always remember your body is yours —> it’s strong and powerful in all it can treat your body with respect.

Trust yourself, gain confidence, be proud & own your body while having the best pregnancy ever!

Maintaining a positive body image can be as simple as doing things for YOU! Doing something for you everyday that benefits you, makes you happy, & decreases your stress can all increase your positivity of yourself.

When you do these “things” don’t just go through the motions. Think about why you’re doing them and how they benefit you. We always want to be thinking about how we can improve ourselves mentally, physically, & emotionally.

Here’s my list of 10 things to do to maintain that positive body image.

1. Stay Active

Exercise is good for your body and mind. Aim for at least 30 minutes 5 days per week.

Go for walks. Hike outdoors. Get fresh air.

Exercise boosts your energy and your mood!

Train and prep your body for labor and birth. You will feel more confident if you are prepared.

2. Strong Posture

having a strong posture gives you immediate confidence and strength, plus reduces stress of your muscles.

Maintain neural alignment and learn how to get there.

Ears. Shoulders. Hips. Knees. Ankles

Maintain a Neutral Pelvis. Hips should point straight ahead.

3. Breathe

I am a HUGE fan of 360 Breathing.

Strengthen your core, improve your posture, reduce stress, reduce aches & pains, improve your health and the health of your baby.

Facilitate an easier childbirth and recovery with proper breathing techniques.

Sit tall. Inhale through the nose. Rib cage will expand in all directions(front, back, sides). Exhale through mouth as navel draws in.

When exhaling also think about contracting your pelvic floor and transverse abdominals.

When inhaling is when you allow your belly and pelvic floor to relax.

4. Nourish Your Body

When you eat healthy foods you will naturally feel good!

Think about how those nutrients are benefiting you and your baby.

5. Don’t Deprive Yourself

Enjoy your food!

Enjoy your treats (in moderation)

No regrets.

No “burning off calories”

If you want a donut, enjoy every bite, then keep going with your life.

6. Compliment Yourself Daily

Find 3 things a day to compliment yourself on.

Say them out loud to yourself

Jot them down and read them

Put them on post-it notes and stick them to your mirror

the compliments can be ANYTHING that makes you feel confident and gives you empowerment

7. First thing in the morning look in the mirror and say at least one positive thing to yourself. No negativity allowed.

Some examples:

I’m growing a beautiful baby

My body is amazing

I love my bump

I’m feeling energized today

What’s yours??

Nothing negative. Push the negative thoughts out of your mind. Negatively won’t make you happy. Negatively won’t make you smile. If you need to—remove the negative people from your life that are bringing you down.

8. Do something everyday that YOU enjoy.

Go for a walk

Read a book

Take a long shower

What’s something you like to do?

9. Wear clothes that flatter your new figure

Maternity clothes were made for that purpose —> to accentuate your “bump”.

If you’re in your 1st Trimester and you don’t quite have that “bump” yet—> my best advice to you is to be patient! And try steps 1-8 to feel body positive!

10. Don’t compare yourself to others!

I can’t even begin to emphasize the importance of this one!

You are your own unique self.

Everyone’s body adapts differently to pregnancy and hormones.

Focus on yourself and your own awesomeness!!

I know you’re probably thinking that some of these things have nothing to do with a positive body image...BUT... they actually have everything to do with a positive body image.

Think about how you will feel after you get a great workout in, fuel your body with healthy foods, stare at yourself in the mirror and only see good things, learning to stand tall and take deep breathes & most importantly learn to compliment yourself and accept compliments from others!

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