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Standing Core Exercises

Gain confidence in movement with Standing Core Exercises 🙌🏻

I love a good plank exercise to work that core…but standing core exercises have become increasingly popular over the past few months and why?! ⬇️

1️⃣ Mimic functional movements by working your natural body movement patterns

2️⃣ Improve balance & stability

3️⃣ You can do them anywhere!

4️⃣ Minimize any strain on your wrists or low back

Not only are we activating those abdominal muscles, but we are also recruiting those glutes while improving hip, knee and ankle stabilization which will improve your posture and balance preventing risk of falls and injury!


  1. We need to learn how to recruit our deep core muscles

  2. Then we need to progressively load these muscles  ➡️ which basically means we increase strength, power and endurance capacity as our core begins to function properly

  3. You will begin to see results when you stay consistent with a progressive plan

  4. Set appropriate goals which will increase your competence and likelihood of success

  5. Find what motivates you

Check out my workout programs for Standing Core Exercises!

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