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Tight Hamstrings?!

To promote optimal muscle function you need to lengthen AND strengthen your hamstring muscles.

Well-functioning hamstrings help make everyday activities easier, like picking up your child from the floor for one example!

If you’re an athlete —> strong & flexible hamstrings give you that explosive power to run FASTER & jump HIGHER!

When we focus too much on just stretching tight hamstrings it can actually shorten your hip flexors creating muscle imbalances and an increased chance of injury, which is why we also need that STRENGTH!

Your hamstrings main role is to be able to flex your knees from a fully extended position and assist the glute muscles in hip extension.

Having strong hamstrings helps stabilize the knee joint which will help prevent the risk of hamstring strains and knee injuries, like ACL tears.

One of the number 1 reasons our hamstrings feel tight is that we sit a lot during the day!! 

When our muscles are neglected and in a constant shortened position it creates tightness and muscle imbalances.

It’s time to wake up those hamstrings and get your body moving.

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