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Want More Functional Core Strength?!

The problem is too many people think core training is just training your abdominals!  Wrong!

The core actually encompasses your diaphragm all the way down to your pelvic floor and EVERYTHING in-between!

We need to learn how to “turn on” the proper muscles while training!

FYI: This is a skill! And sometimes we need to work on how to activate those deep core muscles.

3 things I focus on when training is:

  • proper muscle recruitment

  • core stability

  • movement patterns

Once you learn the foundational skills then you can progress to more challenging exercises!

For instance we would start with core stability & breath work. Once you master these techniques then we advance to more dynamic exercises.

Then the last step of the progression is where I would add in more intensity, increase power, add weight & train in multiple planes of motion.

You ready to gain functional core strength?!

Train with me!

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