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Pottsgrove-Pottstown Little League

​Excited to partner with PGP Little League! Would love for your baseball or softball player to join our Strength & Conditioning Program! Here's a little info on what to expect in our one-hour-long sessions:

  • Baseball/Softball-specific movement patterns to optimize performance on the field and reduce risk of injury.

  • Increase power & strength in all planes of motion to enhance explosive force production and stamina on the field.

  • Exercises to improve speed, acceleration, deceleration, and reaction time to improve base running, infield play & outfield play.

  • Improve foundational core strength and function with corrective exercises to prevent those common injuries of the hamstrings, ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders.

  • Improve lateral movement patterns and footwork drills to move more efficiently and improve athleticism.

  • Reactive drills to improve physical and mental reaction time on the field.

Programs Offered:

2024 Summer Strength and Conditioning Program - Dates TBD

Extra Innings - Pop-up strength and conditioning sessions

I understand that weather can be iffy. I will keep an eye on the radar and will be in touch if we need to reschedule a training session.  And will notify all participants at least an hour in advance with any scheduled changes. Any session that has to be cancelled will be rescheduled!

Ages 7-12

Baseball and Softball Players

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Use Promo Code: PGP5OFF 

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Get In Touch!

Questions or concerns. Send me an email!

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