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Strength & Conditioning

Take your player or team to the next level!

My method is an integrated training approach to reach peak performance with movement assessments & detailed programming specific to each small group or team.

I optimize core & hip function to boost performance & prevent the risk of injuries.  

I utilize a strategic progressive approach to avoid common overuse injuries from either a rapid increase in training, suboptimal training, insufficient motor control or decreased flexibility. 

If you have a previous injury or pain, I use proper techniques to maximize rehabilitation and reconditioning to optimize tissue function while transitioning to return to sport or activity. 

Emphasizing functional sport-specific movement patterns to improve multi-planar movements, which all require acceleration, deceleration, dynamic core stability, explosive power & strength. 

Not only do we focus on the physical benefits, but the mental toughness needed to become the best athletes they can be with positive reinforcement, self-confidence & uplifting mindsets! 

Providing innovative exercises & enhanced techniques to activate, mobilize & strengthen to decrease the risk of injury and improve overall performance.

Small Group Training

Small group training for 2-5 athletes. Get a group of friends together and maximize your performance, whether you are training for a specific sport or just looking for overall improvements in strength, conditioning & core function. 

Message me for rates. 


Team Training

Off-season & pre-season training movement assessments to test overall strength, range of motion, movement patterns to create a well-balanced sport-specific program for optimal training sessions.

In-season training to maintain core & hip function to decrease risk of injury to maximize performance, as well as, maintain power and intensity. 

We will focus on physical benefits and mental benefits while building team camaraderie.

Message me for rates.


Individual Training

Personalized Training Sessions  focusing on enhancing core function, strength, conditioning & power unique to your goals and competition needs.

Message me for more info.


Why you should sign up now!

  • I apply scientific knowledge to train athletes to reach peak potential.

  • Sport-specific testing to develop an athletic profile for each person or team to develop the most effective program.

  • train in the athlete's sport-specific metabolic energy system (energy requirements of the sport they play)

  • programs for strength, conditioning, speed, agility, power & endurance for any sport, activity or hobby

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • Correct Muscle imbalances

  • Injury Prevention  & Injury Rehabilitation

  • Post- Surgery Strength Training

  • Improve core & pelvis function

  • correct any muscle imbalances

Message me for more info.

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