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360 Breathing

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

360 Breathing is the most effective core exercise for pregnant & postpartum mamas!

  1. Strengthen your core

  2. Improve your posture

  3. Relieve stress

  4. Activate your deep core muscles

  5. Healthier pregnancy

  6. Easier labor + delivery

  7. Improve digestion

  8. Quicker postpartum recovery

  9. Strengthen pelvic floor

  10. Better functioning core + pelvic floor

You can relieve low back pain, neck tension, chest tightness, and pelvic floor discomfort with proper breathing patterns

How do we properly perform 360 breathing?

1. Best way is to begin in a seated position on a study chair in neutral alignment. (I’m showing in various positions to demonstrate the activation of the diaphragm & transverse abdominals)

2. INHALE through the nose. Ribcage should expand in ALL directions (front, sides & back) —> expand 360 degrees.

3. Shoulders should stay down and relaxed

4. You should expand naturally- don’t force it.

5. EXHALE through the mouth as you draw in your navel —> this is where you contract your transverse abdominals & muscles of the pelvic floor.

6. Repeat with slow controlled breaths. Important: To add in pelvic floor muscles with your 360 breathing is the same concept as your diaphragm and transverse abdominals (they need to contract and fully relax!)

Your pelvic floor has 14 different muscles! They attach in the front, side & back of your pelvis. You need to learn to activate from all your attachment points to strengthen pelvic floor, not just the front of your pelvic floor!

I like to think of the pelvic floor like an elevator. When your exhale your breathe you bring the elevator up—> using front, sides & back of pelvic floor. When your inhale think of every single one of those 14 muscles fully relaxing.

Lastly- the pelvic floor & transverse abdominals are like any other muscle. Not only do we need to strengthen them, we also need to relax the muscles and learn to decrease tension!

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