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Decrease Stress and Tension for a Well-Functioning Core

Let’s talk stress relief for a better functioning core.

Do you hold tension in your neck, jaw, shoulders or head??

Did you know that tension in your mouth, jaw and tongue placement can also increase tension & pressure down into your core and pelvic floor?!

Bring awareness to your habit :

Do you clench your jaw?

Do you grind your teeth?

Do you have chronic neck pain?

Do you get headaches often?

Just think….when we are in stressful situations, angry or upset we tend to clench our jaw, tense our shoulders, grind our teeth and these actions can actually make us bear down on our pelvic floor & increase intra-abdominal pressure!!

When we do this not only does it affect our core health it also creates undesired muscle imbalances which can increase our risk of injury!

Whether you’re a mom, dad or an athlete: if you have constant physical tension in your neck and shoulders it will negatively impact your posture and performance (or or off the field).

So it’s so important to become more aware of our bodies, decrease our stress levels and facilitate better breathing habits!

Try this : relax your jaw and place tongue behind your front teeth then trying taking a nice big 360 deep breath.

Proper core training & mobility exercises paired with learning to breathe diaphragmatically and relaxing tension in your upper body will:

help correct any muscle imbalances

•increases oxygen flow which will help with tissue healing and recovery.

• help regulate your intra-abdominal pressure which will especially aid in core and pelvic floor health

•help prevent Diastasis Recti, back pain, prolapse and hernias.

•Improve focus

•help decrease anxiety & insomnia

•improve sports performance

•enhance posture

My own personal journey to develop better breathing habits along with my education background and love of understanding the human body has helped me realize how essential it is to have proper breathing patterns and decrease stress levels.

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1 Comment

Antonieta Vega
Antonieta Vega
Jul 02, 2023

Hi, super interesting, all these apply to me!! Super grateful for this post

So QQ, does 360 breathing is the same than deep belly breathing?

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