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Why We Need Hip Strength & Mobility

Did you know that tight hip flexors are one of the most common complaints?!

Tight hip flexors increases risk of injury, creates bad posture, increases muscle imbalances & makes it harder to lose belly fat!

Plus if you spend a lot of time sitting throughout your day then this increases the likelihood of having even more significant issues and stress on your body as a whole.

Lack of hip mobility & strength creates weakened glutes & tight hip flexors leading to more pain and injuries!

For example —> When we have shortened and tight hip flexors the low back tends to takes over which will then create muscle imbalances, pain & low back strain from overuse.

Hip mobility & strength promotes:

📍 better movement

📍 enhanced performance

📍 healthier pelvic floor

📍 improved range-of-motion

📍 decreased risk of low back & knee injuries

📍 boosted explosive movements for athletes

📍 increased speed for runners

My goal is to help you be able to spend more time doing the things you love. When your muscles get tight, especially your hips, it wreaks havoc on your body.

Consistency with proper mobility and strengthening exercises are essential for healthy hips.

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