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Your Journey to Reach Your Goals is What Shapes You

We have to do the “boring” exercises to be able to do the “fun” exercises!

Some of the exercises in my method may seem “boring” or “tedious” , but these exercises restore our core, improve our quality of movement & help our pelvis function properly.

When our body functions properly then we can do the more challenging exercises, as best as we can, without that risk of injury or feeling any pain!

How many of you have felt some sort of pain in the last year?!?

It’s not normal to feel pain or discomfort!!

Did you know we can prevent pain & injury by using purposeful movement & corrective exercises?!

Important: Out body is an interconnected chain. Therefore if you have pain in your ankle, knees or shoulders the first thing I’m going to look at is your Core Function!

It’s all about being proactive and improving your core health to have that strong foundation to decrease muscle imbalances and have optimal movement patterns.

When we improve our core function we will feel and move better.

When I talk about core function I’m not just talking about those superficial abdominal muscles.

Your core consists of several groups of muscles that have various roles. Some of the core muscles that you will hear me talk about often are:

•DIAPHRAGM (top of your core)





•MULTIFIDUS (deep muscles of the spine)

•QUADRATUS LUMBORUM (deep low back muscle)


•PELVIC FLOOR (bottom of your core)

These muscles all work together to provide support, stability, coordination & help generate force for movement.

We need to develop proper control of our muscles, coordinate our breathing, manage our intra abdominal pressure and learn to activate the right muscles at the right time!

I highly recommend that everyone in ALL stages of life include these type of movements into your routine:

•breath work


•deep core exercises


Your journey to reach your goals is what shapes you!

So stop just focusing on your finish line and start enjoying your journey to get there!

•Be consistent

•Be patient

•Show self-discipline

•Move with intention

•Focus on quality over quantity

Looking for exercise ideas?!

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