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16-Day Glutes Challenge

  • 20Days
  • 31Steps


Show your glutes some love with this 16-day challenge that SCULPTS and BURNS!! Check out the videos to see all the exercises that you will be completing in this 16-day challenge! Get pumped up for your journey to build a better butt, improve pelvic floor function, strengthen your core, enhance hip mobility & feel your best!! • Core & glute strength promote stability for overall body coordination & mobility for improved everyday living and athletic performance. • A well-functioning core & strong glutes enhance pelvic alignment, ideal body posture & lower back support. • Glute strength helps prevent the risk of knee, hip, ankle & back injuries AND is essential for pelvic floor health since your glute muscles attach to the back and side of your pelvis. • A strong core & glutes help regulate your intra-abdominal pressure, which will aid core and pelvic floor function, as well as, help prevent Diastasis Recti, back pain, prolapse and hernias. •Plus who doesn’t want a lifted & sculpted booty!? 😉 Let’s FIRE UP the GLUTES!!! Note: this is not a class-like program. Day 1 you will get video demonstrations of each exercise. Then you will be performing the workouts on your own! If you’re looking for more instruction and class-like atmosphere then try my On-Demand Core Program!

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