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Baby Wearing Workout

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I understand the struggles of trying to fit in a workout, but I will also always praise the importance of exercising:

1. Stress-relieving

2. Increase strength

3. Reduce risk of injury

4. Gain energy

5. Enhance confidence

6. Improve well-being

7. Stay active

8. Lose weight

9. Improve your mood

When baby wearing for a workout: Soft-structured designs are the best! They provide support for moms, plus comfort for baby.

I love my LILLEbaby Carrier for workouts!

^Walking is one of the best forms of movement: simple & effective. You can walk outdoors or indoors! If you want an added challenge go on a hike!

^Barre inspired workouts: light hand weights, mini loop band & body weight movements.

^Start with a quick 10 minute session! Then add on as you and your baby become more comfortable!

Benefits of baby wearing while exercising:

▪️Weight bearing exercises can efficiently burn more calories

▪️You are more aware of your form which will help you actively engage your core muscles more

▪️Can calm a fussy baby!

▪️Increase bonding time

▪️Reduce mom guilt

Important: Always listen to your body! Baby wearing can place extra pressure on your pelvic floor and core. If you feel any heaviness, pressure, bulging of pelvic floor or core: you will want to focus on strengthening and improving the function of your deep core and pelvic floor before beginning these baby wearing exercises.

Make sure your little one has an open airway, their head and neck are secure and you should be able to kiss the top of their head.

LILLEbaby Complete All-Season is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle

Adjustable straps, lumbar support & adaptable seat (for infants to toddlers).

I love this carrier especially for the zip-down front panel that helps control my little guy’s temperature in the summer or when working out. We both love the breathable soft-wearing mesh!

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