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Functional Training & Corrective Exercise

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We need strength, stamina and mobility!

I am a huge advocate for functional training and corrective exercise to decrease the risk of injury and feel our best throughout our day-to-day adventures of motherhood!

Our behaviors and habits can influence muscular imbalances --> meaning if we are moving the wrong way and not taking care of our body, then it can lead to muscle imbalances which can then cause pain, discomfort & injury! Not good!!

Not only do we need to strengthen our core & glutes —> we also need to integrate mobility training into our daily life!

When we work on our mobility it will improve our:

1. range of motion

2. posture

3. body awareness

4. coordination and stability

Why it’s important to fire up those glutes:

A well-functioning core & pelvic floor needs correct hip positioning, proper alignment and strong glutes.

Glutes are the gateway to the pelvic floor!!!

1. We want to target those glute muscles from different angles and adding a consistent stretching regimen to your routine will help keep your booty lifted, decrease muscle imbalances & give you strength!

2. The key to see results is rotating through a variety of exercises that isolate and sculpt the glutes, as well as, exercises that enhance your mobility!!

3. Strengthening those glutes also increases awareness and strengthens our pelvic floor! It’s important to know that just like any other muscles our pelvic floor muscles need strength, endurance & rest.

When we take the proper steps to have a have a strong core:

1. Help relieve pelvic & back pain

2. Move better throughout everyday tasks

3. Quicker postpartum recovery

4. Reduce severity of Diastasis Recti

5. Better posture

6. Reduce risk of Pelvic Floor Disfunction

7. Improve your digestion

8. Increased energy during pregnancy

9. Increased energy for motherhood

10. Better endurance for labor + delivery!

11. Help maintain a strong neutral alignment

12. Stronger & well-functioning pelvic floor

13. Boosts confidence

Our body is an interconnected chain and when we move better, we will feel better!

My method of training is effective, efficient, targets multiple muscle groups with a focus on the core & glutes and it’s fun!!

Join me! On-demand workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere!!

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