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Glute and Core Strength

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Without glute + core strength there will be a lot of compensation which will force your body out of alignment, which then creates pain, discomfort & increased risk of injury!

1. Learn to fire from your glutes

2. Learn to connect to your deep core and pelvic floor

3. Learn how to move with intention

It’s essential to have:

• proper movement patterns

• total body strength

• correct breathing mechanics

• mind/body connection

I get a lot of mamas that are concerned about hip tightness, pelvic floor discomfort, Diastasis Recti & low back pain:

Pain and discomfort are NOT normal

We need to strengthen our glutes + pelvic floor + core and connect to our body to alleviate those common pre/postnatal discomforts!

By strengthening our muscles that support our pelvis, spine and deep hip rotators we will feel our best!

And when you do focus on that strength it will help with your pelvic stability, posture & core functionality!

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