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Importance of Hip Mobility & Strength

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

As a mom, we are pulled in many directions!

📍Our body needs to work in synergy and we need to be able to move with ease and have energy to care for our family!!

📍We want to reduce the effects of those repetitive movement patterns that can lead to muscle imbalances and potential injury.

📍 Focus on neutral alignment, strong posture, hip stability, core & pelvic floor strength

Important tips:

1. Without proper stability of the spine and pelvis your body can become out of alignment, which can cause neck, shoulder, hip, back & knee pain.

2. If you’re hips don’t move correctly compensation will happen in the core and pelvic floor and it will pull you out of alignment

3. If you have pain in your pelvic floor or tightness in your hips then start to focus on strengthening and FIRING UP those GLUTES.

Dynamic strengthening AND mobility exercises are essential for healthy hips:

▪️help maintain stability

▪️enhance core function

▪️support hip extension

▪️reduce low back pain

▪️reduce pelvic pain

▪️enhance a strong posture

▪️support hips, knees & spine

▪️support your pelvic floor

▪️provide a solid foundation

▪️improve total body coordination

▪️improve running stride

▪️prevent injuries

Always make that strong connection to your body & activate your deep core.

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