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Core Strength for Runners

I really want to emphasize the importance of a strong core to enhance performance whether you are a runner, an athlete or just want to improve your stamina for daily activities.

When I personally train core it’s not about a desired aesthetic, it’s about gaining strength for all my activities that I love to do!

For runners, having that strong inner core helps you stay upright when running by stabilizing the spine and properly transferring force to your lower body and upper body to prevent hip, low back, knee, ankle & neck pain.

Think about it…We want a nice strong foundation and a rigid structure for our arms and legs to move from when we run, workout and play sports!

A weak core correlates to a number of issues, but one of my biggest reasons for inner core strength is to prevent injury!

If you have a weak core it will create undesired muscle imbalances and cause strain and tension in other parts of your body which increases your risk of injury.

Remember when training the core it’s not just your rectus abdominals (6 pack abs) your core also encompasses :

• diaphragm

• transverse abdominals

• Internal/external obliques

• multifidus

• hip flexors

• glutes

• pelvic floor

My method and workout programs all focus on training the core as that interconnected chain working on gaining strength and function from the diagram all the way down to the pelvic floor!

Note: If you are newly post-partum, have diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction you should be starting with basic stabilization exercises like the Core Restoration Program to build that strong foundation before moving on to more challenging dynamic exercises.

The on-demand core program is for EVERYONE!!! Beginners to advanced athletes. These workouts all prioritize deep core activation, glute strength, pelvic floor awareness, strong posture & body coordination.

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